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Hazing/Bullying Resources

HB 1574 requires each governing board of a secondary school to post its written anti-hazing policy on its website. 

To access this policy, click here.

To empower all students in an active pursuit of knowledge.

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Message from the Superintendent

One Team! No Place for Hate!

Dear Stroudsburg School Community,

 Recently, acts of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance seem to have plagued our nation. Unfortunately, some of these unwelcome ideologies have crept into schools throughout our nation. As educators and members of the Stroudsburg School Community, I am calling on all district employees, parents, students, and community members to increase their vigilance in making certain that all of our students are safe, welcomed, fairly treated, and on the same team!

 The primary goal in Stroudsburg, which is clearly stated in the Superintendent Entrance Plan, is One Team, One Vision, and One Goal: leading ALL students in being prepared for college, workforce, and/or military (click on link for entrance plan).

Superintendent Entry Plan June 2016 tl_files/sasd/design/pdf_icon.gif

Please know that Stroudsburg Area School District will not tolerate acts of racism or any acts that degrade our students, faculty and staff.

 Expectations are clearly outlined in the superintendent entrance plan and enumerated below:

 Upon graduation, all students will be prepared for college, workforce, and/or the military. This will be accomplished by identifying the skills students should be able to do with the academic instruction they receive. Students shall be provided real world applications to academic standards, through increased engagement in the classroom, giving students a practical experience so they are prepared to compete with the very best students in our state and nation. All students and adults are equals, have value and worth, shall be fairly treated, safe, welcomed, and part of a team. Students shall actively participate and understand the intangible skills needed to be successful in career and workforce development and be expected to perform according to industry standards. These expectations will be accomplished as students have the power to shape their own education because “your future matters!

Simply stated, our schools are a home away from home for your children. We shall move forward with a positive infectious attitude exuding charity, mercy, compassion, and kindness toward all, being true pillars of character in all we say and do.  Our Commitment to Excellence and our insistence that all students have equitable access to learning will not change.

 Public schools are the one place where children of all backgrounds come together to learn and have an opportunity to excel!  Let’s take advantage of this challenging opportunity to help people come together “with malice toward none, with charity for all.” (Abraham Lincoln)


Dr. Cosmas C. Curry