Data Change Request


(for phone number, address, email address and emergency contact changes)

All address changes must be validated by the Student Registration Office.

Student Change of Address Procedure:

  1. Download the Student Data Change Request Form.
  2. Complete the form and gather the following required documentation:

           Property Deed or Mortgage Statement or Current Rental Lease


          PA Driver’s License or PA State ID

           Plus two of the following additional proofs of residency:

          Current Utility Bill (phone bill is not accepted)
          PA vehicle registration
          PA vehicle insurance
          Receipt for payment of municipal or school district taxes
          Receipt for payment of earned income tax from Berkheimer Associates 


Your student’s records will be updated to reflect the new address upon receipt of the required documentation. Transportation will then be notified.

The Student Data Change Request form with the required proofs of residency can be brought to the Student Registration Office at the Stroudsburg High School (1100 West Main Street, Stroudsburg) or emailed to or faxed to 570-213-3659.