Required for Registration

Required for Registration: The following 6 items are required for admission to the Stroudsburg Area School District. Acceptable documentation for each item is listed below:

      1. Parent/Guardian Identification:
           PA Driver’s license or PA Photo Identification (with current Stroudsburg address listed)

       2. Student’s Proof of Age:
           Original Birth Certificate or Valid Passport

      3. Immunizations:
          Immunization Record

      4. Proof of Residency:
          Property Deed or Mortgage Statement or Current Rental Lease

           Plus two of the following additional proofs of residency:
          Current Utility Bill (phone bill is not accepted)
          PA vehicle registration
          PA vehicle insurance
          Receipt for payment of municipal or school district taxes
          Receipt for payment of earned income tax from Berkheimer Associates 

      5. Parent Registration Statement and Education Records Request
          (Provided at time of registration)

      6. Home Language Survey 
          (Included in the registration packet)

Please complete the Registration form and the Health History form and ensure that you have all REQUIRED documentation prior to your scheduled appointment. Additional forms that cannot be provided online will be made available at the time of registration.